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Use Shab's Kits for YOUR Next Sanding Project

Say NO to blocks of wood and sticks!No to wood

Are you using a block of wood or stick for a hand sander in your workshop?   Have you spent a lot of money on special sandpaper and hand sanders?  Me too!  But now I have SHAB’S Block Kit & SHAB’S Tube Kit!

Developed by a professional carpenter,SHAB’S Block Kit is the ONLY rigid, 4 sided hand sander that uses STANDARD sandpaper WET or DRY!

Both KITS have a unique self adhering slice developed to fit standard sheet sandpaper.  Just fold per the easy label directions, then slide the sheet of sandpaper on.  That's it!

SHAB’S Block Kit & SHAB’S Tube Kits
are lightweight, easy to carry, environmentally safe, made from recycled products, durable, resistant to most solvents and MADE IN THE USA!

SHAB’S Block Kit & SHAB’S Tube Kit are perfect for any sanding situation!

SHAB’S Block Kit & SHAB’S Tube Kits are sanding tools for The Do-It-Yourself-er to the Professional, for men, women, children, young or old!

SHAB’S Block Kit & SHAB’S Tube Kits are superior tools. They will be a welcome feature in your tool box.




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